BioRoot RCS CPD Training

Following its introduction to the dental market by Septodont, BioRoot™ RCS has rapidly grown in popularity. As a tri-calcium silicate, it is in the same family as our highly regarded and innovative Biodentine™. BioRoot™ is a superior root canal sealant that, unlike some other sealants, does not require any specialist equipment for heated GP. Not only does it give a superior seal, with outstanding adhesion to dentine and gutta-percha points and high microleakage resistance, it also has antimicrobial properties; promotes peri-apical healing through stimulation of bone regeneration and periodontal healing; and allows for easy obturation and follow up.

Septodont now offer on-line CPD training to those in the dental industry on this amazing product. On successful completion of this training you will receive a certificate for 90 minutes of verifiable CPD. There is no limit to the number of times you may take the test.

The first time you take the test you will need to register using the button below. Once registered, you can take the test again by clicking on the link in the training menu on the right.

Once you are registered and logged in, if other users need to register and take the test on the same computer, you will need to click the logout link in the menu first then register the new user.