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Our guide to safer sharps with verifiable CPD training
As the world’s leader in dental anaesthetics, it is hardly surprising that Septodont also take the delivery of their anaesthetics seriously too. Ultra Safety Plus is the only clinically trialled, proven and published safety syringe in the UK and it completely complies with the law introduced in 2013. Ensure that you and your practice are compliant with the Sharps Regulations by introducing Ultra Safety Plus into your practice and taking our on-line verifiable CPD training
Learn about latex free dental anaesthetics from the world’s leading supplier
As techniques for different procedures in dental anaesthesia are developed it is important to keep abreast of them and that is why Septodont are proud to offer a variety of lectures combining ‘back to basics’ with new techniques.
Biodentine – the first all-in-one dentine substitute in a capsule
Dentine is one of the major components that makes up the anatomy of the tooth and, as such, its role is a vital one. Join Nick Williams and others in a series of Biodentine Seminars and find out how it can help you and your Practice.

Our Seminars


Effective management of pain is as much about communication as correct needle positioning and choice of anaesthetic molecule. By improving the patient’s experience of dentistry they are not only going to return, but are likely to recommend the Practice to others.

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Biodentine and BioRoot RCS

As the only all-in-one dentine substitute in a capsule, Biodentine has a multitude of uses in everyday dentistry.

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Biodentine Webinar

Delegates will need to register for this FREE webinar online in order to receive their access code for the evening.

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Some of our Speakers


Josette Camilleri

B.Ch.D., M.Phil., Ph.D., FICD, FADM., FIMMM, FHEA

Andrew Mason


Ian Corbett

FDS (OS) Edinburgh, PhD, BDS (Hons), BSc (Hons)

Barry Oulton



“Excellent! Very informative.”

Craig Hughes, 20/20 Dental Practice – Anaesthetics Lecture

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