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Safer Needles: What's the Point?

Thursday 8th July 2021

Impacts and prevention of needlestick injuries for a safe practice by Michelle Meredith - Independent Dental Infection Practitioner

Bio-active Hydraulic Sealers in a Contemporary, Simple Endodontic Obturation

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Root canal obturation procedure: how to optimize success? Through the history and evolution of sealers, a time-consuming and technically challenging procedure has been simplified and improved. To illustrate this point, Prof. Elisabetta COTTI and Dr. Giulia BARDINI present a new clinical study that shows that the single cone technique with BioRootTM RCS is as efficient as warm obturation with ZOE sealers (95% of success).

Management of Deep Caries using Bio-Bulk Fill Technique

Thursday 25th February 2021

Through clinical cases with up to 10 years follow up and papers from the literature, Pr. Joseph SABBAGH illustrates in this webinar how Biodentine has excellent clinical success rates in the management of deep caries. Discover how this technique can save your time by placing the material in one layer from the pulp to the top of the cavity, regardless of how deep.


Wednesday 9th December 2020

Dr Barry Oulton discusses how now is the perfect time to improve every aspect of your patient experience. He shares how your mindset and your language can weave magic to increase your income and give you a constant stream of new patients.

How can tricalcium silicate cements improve my clinical practice?

Thursday 19th November 2020

Dr Kreena Patel discusses the advantages of using tricalcium silicate cements in modern endodontics. She covers the different applications for Biodentine, with a focus on pulp capping and furcation perforations. The webinar is from a clinician’s perspective and Dr Patel will demonstrate how to manage these scenarios using clinical cases.

Why does Biodentine push the limits of Vital Pulp Therapy

Thursday 5th November 2020

Prof Imad About presents some very good cases demonstrating the superiority of Biodentine (vs. Theracal for example) and a conclusion on irreversible pulpitis and how Biodentine can save the tooth.

“Minimally invasive, bio-active restoration of the deep carious lesion

Wednesday 21st October 2020

In this webinar, Prof. Banerjee discusses the determinants of deep caries management and explains how a minimally invasive dentistry approach could preserve the biology of the tooth. Unlike the traditional approach resulting in complete caries excavation, minimally invasive dentistry consists of removing the infected dentin only (soft, wet, and sticky dentin) and retaining the affected dentin, in order to allow pulp healing.
Prof. Banerjee also presents an overview of pulp protection materials with a special focus on Biodentine and the added benefits of this tricalcium silicate cement. Throughout all his presentation, Prof. Banerjee supports his arguments with clinical studies, scientific papers and cited useful literature for those who are eager to deepen their knowledge in minimally invasive dentistry, one of the four clinical domains of minimum intervention oral healthcare.

Hit me with your best shot!

Tuesday 26th May 2020

A "painless injection" is the #1 criterion for the patient to judge a dentist and several aspects must be taken into account in order to perform a painless, comfortable and effective anaesthetic injection. In this program Professor Malamed will discuss the means to making dental local anaesthetic injections both more effective and more comfortable – even with pulpitis. Topics include: articaine; buffering (the local anaesthetic 'on switch'); phentolamine (the local anaesthetic 'off switch'); and computer-controlled local anaesthetic delivery (C-CLAD). An algorithm for more successful mandibular anaesthesia will also be presented.

COVID 19 - New Decisions in dentistry: Biodentine in ART

Monday 18th May 2020

During this webinar, dedicated to Biodentine in the ART procedure, Dr Lazo talks about the philosophy of the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment, the evolution of the technique and limits, the difference of demineralisation vs Biomimetic Remineralisation in affected dentine and the use of Biodentine in Atraumatic Restorative Treatment.