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Biodentine Pulpitis

Reverse the Irreversible!

Case Studies 19

Partial Pulpotomy on permanent incisor with BiodentineTM

Case Studies 18

Direct Pulp Capping with BiodentineTM

Case Studies 17

BiodentineTM:  Retrograde Apical Microsurgery


BiodentineTM - The First-Ever Biological Bulk Fill





Red and White 2018

Revolution in Bioactive Dentine Replacement...

Red & White 2017

Active Biosilicate Technology, Bioceramic Root Canel Sealer and more...

Active Biosilicate Technology

BiodentineTM and BioRootTM

Case Studies 16

BioRootTM RCS - for retreatment

Case Studies 15

BioRootTM RCS - A reliable bioceramic material for root canal obturation

Case Studies 14

BioRootTM RCS - Upper molar with periradicular perforation


The dentine in a capsule or more?  References to article


RCS. Is a paradigm shift for root canal obturation possible?  References to article.

Red & White 2016

Reviews and case studies

Case Studies 13

The new biomaterial for root canal filling

Red & White 2015

Go for Gold: Indispensible Articaine

BioRoot Brochure

Much more than just a superior root canal sealant

2016 Catalogue

Septodont Products Catalogue

Case Studies 12

RTR - Bone augmentation & ridge preservation
Biodentine - Latrogenic perforation treatment & root canal filling

Case Studies 11

RTR - Sinus floor augmentation
Biodentine - Pulpotomy on a 6 yeay molar

Red & White

A new look at Articaine

Case Studies 10

Focus on: Use of RTR, Biodentine
in corrective surgery and Gingival
preperation with Racegel.

Case Studies 9

Focus on: RTR - ß-tcP for bone regeneration; RTR - alloPlastic grafts - ß-tcP: Biodentine - PulPotomy on primary molars; Biodentine – Pulp capping

Case Studies 8

Focus on: Biodentine – Pulp preservation in prosthetic abutments; RTR – aggressive periodontitis; N’Durance- post orthondontic modification of aesthetics; Biodentine – vital pulp therapy in

Case Studies 7

Focus on: RTR – post-extraction
sockets; Biodentine – deep carious
lesion restoration; Biodentine – pulp
chamber perforation repair

Red & White

Surgical Issue: RTR – biomaterials for
bone regeneration; Racegel – gel retraction
material; Ultra Safety Plus development

Red & White

Pain Control Issue: Ultra Safety Plus –
a look at the new law on sharps;
Techniques and Anaesthetics


Synthetic bone substitute, available in three presentations


Thermo-gelifiable gel for use where gingivaltissue management is necessary

Pain Control

Needles; Safety Device and


The first and only dentine substitute in a capsule

Case Studies 6

Focus on: Racegel; N’Durance and

Case Studies 5

Focus on Biodentine: Pulp vitality
preservation; Repair of furcal
perforation; Vital pulp therapy

Case Studies 4

Focus on: N’Durance Cristal; Biodentine – treatment of traumatized incisors; Biodentine – perforation repair; Biodentine – deep caries treatment

Case Studies 3

Focus on: An overview of Biodentine; A clinical review of 50 pulp capping procedures; successful use of Biodentine in deep cavity cases; pulp chamber floor perforation treatment with Biodentine

Case Studies 2

Focus on: Racegel; Biodentine
and N’Durance

Case Studies 1

Focus on Biodentine: A new Bioactive Cement; Paediatric Conservative Dentistry; Direct Pulp Capping; Endodontic Applications