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Ultra Safety Plus Twist

Product Summary

For any dental professional dealing with needles, one of the biggest safety risks is contracting a blood borne virus through a needle stick injury. To help counter such occurrences, the mandatory use of safer sharps became UK law in 2013.
Septodont, the UK’s number one manufacturer of dental anaesthetics, developed the Ultra Safety Plus needle-stick injury prevention device over twenty years’ ago and it is still the only clinically trialled safer sharps device on the UK market. In 2021 it was updated with a new, easy to use, twist handle and has become Ultra Safety Plus Twist.Indicated for the routine administration of local anaesthetics, the sterile, single use, aspirating syringe system is designed with a needle stick injury prevention device, is available in a variety of needle sizes and either sterilisable or single-use handles. The superior quality Septoject needles also incorporate a bevel indicator as well as a transparent barrel.