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Product Summary

R.T.R.+ (Resorbable Tissue Replacement) - ideal biphasic composition for bone grafting that helps to safely create new bone formation following an extraction or any bone loss (intrabony defect, sinus-lift...).
Designed through a special manufacturing process, this micro and macroporous structure mimics human bone and is proven to be an ideal osteogenic matrix for bone regeneration

  • Fully resorbable - Hydroxyapatite and ß-Tricalcium phosphate are both fully resorbable and will gradually generate new natural bone
  • Fully synthetic - R.T.R.+ offers a high success rate with no risk associated thanks to its fully synthetic composition. Disease transmission is not an issue with synthetic material
  • Available in 2 formulations with different resorption periods to suit all clinical situations.

Improve your patients’ extraction therapy and bone loss repair to promote future implant success with R.T.R.