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Product Summary

Biodentine is the first material offering bioactivity and outstanding sealing properties to fully replace dentine, both in the crown and in the root with unique benefits.
Launched nearly 10 years ago, Biodentine™ is a must-have product in any dental practice. Acknowledged by more than 600 publications worldwide, Biodentine™ has saved millions of teeth around the globe as the all-in-one bioactive dentine substitute. Biodentine™ can be used whenever dentine is damaged – both for crown and root applications. Helping with the remineralisation of dentine, preserving pulp vitality and promoting pulp healing, Biodentine™ fully replaces dentine with similar biological and mechanical properties. Now, a new door opens for teeth showing irreversible pulpitis – a condition that until now was dooming the tooth to root canal treatment.
Biodentine is also ideal for use in Atraumatic Restorative Treatments (ART) where it is essential to minimise droplet and aerosol generation.